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Title Closing Attorneys in Putnam County

Providing Effective Legal Counsel for Real Estate Transactions

Real estate transactions aren’t like transactions for the sale of a car, or a gym membership. Even the most straightforward real estate sales agreement can involve several moving parts. Moreover, the complexity of a real estate transaction can vary depending on the nature of the transaction – does the deal involve commercial, residential, industrial or agricultural real estate? In the case of title closing, the obligations of the parties can change depending on the application of local law, the structure of certain conditions, and the extent to which financing is used.

Due to the sophisticated nature of real estate transactions, the legal risks associated with title closing can be difficult to gauge without having a background in real estate law. That is why you should consult with an experienced Putnam County title closing attorney to help you understand your contractual obligations and the significance of certain documents, provisions, and conditions related to the title closing process.

Fortunately, at Hedstrom and Harris, our team of dedicated attorneys has years of valuable experience with real estate matters including title closings. We are dedicated to the craft of providing sound and comprehensive counsel to empower our clients in reaching well-informed decisions regarding the development of a particular real estate transaction.

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Title Closing Services

Our legal team can provide a broad range of services related to closing title for your real estate transaction. Our experienced attorneys have a sophisticated understanding of each aspect of the closing process, including what to look for when examining the necessary documents to close your transaction.

We can advise you on the following issues and documents during title closing:

  • The validity of the deed
  • Shifting risk of loss
  • Title insurance
  • Mortgage assumption documents
  • Bills of sale
  • The validity of the closing statement
  • Assignment of service contracts
  • Assignment of insurance policies
  • The seller’s affidavit of no-liens
  • Recording the deed

Quality Legal Representation from our Putnam County Title Closing Attorney

For many people, real estate transactions are a significant point in a person’s personal life or for a business’ growth. In either case, you might feel anxious about the transaction in question. Fortunately, at Hedstrom and Harris, we are here to help you get through pivotal moments like this by providing you with a thorough assessment of your legal options and your potentials risk so you can rest assured that your decision is based on an extensive survey of the relevant facts and legal issues at play.

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