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Establishing GuardianshipPeople often take it upon themselves to accept responsibility for the care of those people most important to them. Whether the people you care for are close family members, important friends, significant others, or children in the community, we understand the importance of ensuring that those people have adequate support and personal attention, so that their needs are met.

If you are concerned about establishing a plan of care for an incapacitated adult, a minor child, or a developmentally disabled person, you should consult an experienced guardianship lawyer in Putnam County for legal advice. At Hedstrom and Harris, our legal team has a sophisticated understanding of Florida guardianship law. With our dedicated attorneys at your side, you can rest easy knowing that those you care about most will be in good hands.

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Powers and Duties of Legal Guardians

A legal guardian is someone who has been appointed by a court to act on behalf of a person and/or their property. When a legal guardian is the guardian of both an individual’s person and their poperty, the legal guardian is a “plenary” guardian. A legal guardian may be appointed when a person is unable to independently handle his or her own affairs. A person may be deemed unable to handle their affairs – “incapacitated” due to a physical or mental disability. Additionally, a person is considered incapacitated, by law, if they are a minor child.

Legal guardians have various powers with respect to caring for an incapacitated individual—also known as a “ward”—including:

  • Managing the ward’s financial affairs and investments
  • Managing the ward’s property
  • Providing personal support and medical services
  • Finding housing for the ward

Legal guardians also have various duties with respect to caring for a ward, including:

  • Taking inventory of the ward’s estate
  • Submitting annual accountings, reports, and plans to the court
  • To act in the best interest of the ward

Guardianship of Minor Children

The law considers minor-aged children to lack the capacity and judgment to independently handle their own affairs. As a result, children are under the care of an individual who has been designated as their legal guardian by operation of law or as a result of a court appointment.

Under Florida law, married parents are considered to be joint natural guardians of their adoptive or biological children while they are of minority age. In cases where the child’s parents are divorced, the parent with sole parental responsibility is considered as the child’s natural guardian. When the child’s parents jointly share parental responsibilities, they continue serving as the child’s joint natural guardians. When one parent passes away, the surviving parent becomes the child’s sole natural guardian.

At Hedstrom and Harris, our legal team can assist you with the following issues concerning guardianship of a minor child:

  • Guardianship for property inherited by a child exceeding $15,000 in value: A child who receives a substantial inheritance or settlement that exceeds $15,000 in value may have a guardian appointed with respect to their inherited property.
  • Preneed guardians: A minor child’s parents can designate someone in advance to act as their child’s legal guardian in the event they pass away or become incapacitated.
  • Emergency temporary guardianship: The court can appoint a legal guardian for a minor to prevent imminent harm to the child’s wellbeing or property.
  • Standby guardianship: A child’s parents can petition the court to appoint a standby guardian for the person or property of their minor child.
  • Guardian advocates: The court may appoint a guardian advocate to make medical, financial, and personal decisions on behalf of minor children (or adults) with severe developmental disabilities.

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